Spray Painting

Autocorrect Repair Centre, is proud to assist customers with state-of-the-art spray painting services and can help with all insurance repairs and custom vehicle painting.For more information regarding our spray painting services or to make an insurance booking at Autocorrect Repair Centre, please contact us today.
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Panel Beating

Autocorrect Repair Centre provides a comprehensive panel beating service, that ensures a damaged vehicle’s panels will be repaired to an as new condition.At our modern workshop, we only use the latest in panel beating tools and techniques, to ensure a quality finish with no noticeable difference in the panels.For more information or to make a booking at our workshop, please call us today.
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Plastic Welding

At Autocorrect Repair Centre, we have a wealth of industry experience when it comes to delivering plastic welding automotive solutions.Using the latest advancements in modern technology, our plastic welding repair solutions are applied to your vehicle when booked in at our workshop and return damaged plastic panels to an as new condition.All vehicle repairs are carried out by our fully accredited and factory trained technicians and are done to the highest of standards. Additionally, we only use authentic materials and quality equipment during all plastic welding repairs.Plastic welding provides your vehicle with a cost-effective repair solution and saves you the unnecessary cost of completely replacing a vehicle’s panels.At Autocorrect Repair Centre, we can assist with all plastic welding repairs, along with a comprehensive range of smash repair and spray painting services. For more information, please give our team a call.
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Chassis Straightening

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is damaged and requires more than just simple panel beating to repair it to its original condition, chassis straightening is a procedure that is used to re-align your vehicle.At Autocorrect Repair Centre, our skilled and accredited technicians understand the difference a few millimeters can make during the re-alignment process and is the reason why we only employ the latest in automotive repair techniques.For more information or for all insurance repair work, please get in touch with our helpful team today.
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Detailing Post Repair

Autocorrect Repair Centre provides all customers with comprehensive vehicle detailing after repair work has been carried out. This ensures that when you drive your vehicle out of our modern smash repairs workshop, your vehicle will look brand new and will be in an immaculate condition.At Autocorrect Repair Centre, all detailing work is carried out by our passionate team of expert technicians, who take a high level of pride in the work they do. For more information regarding our post repair detailing service, please get in touch with our friendly team today.
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Other Services

  • Insurance repairs
  • Small and large private repairs
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Custom spray painting
  • Towing organised
  • Large fleet work
  • Raptor spray on bed liners
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